It is very easy to make simple maps with Google Fusion Tables, but I wanted to dip into some of the more sophisticated offerings. To that end, I began reading about what others have done. Mary Jo Webster at The Data Mine Blog has a very simple introduction to her first attempt to create a “custom intensity map.” With options like custom intensity (think of heat maps), Google has gotten away from my least favorite part of version 2 wherein every Google map looked essentially the same–there was little the maker could do to customize the map. Her blog led me to a great tutorial on the javascript behind custom intensity maps by Michelle Minkhoff about How to Combine Multiple Fusion Tables into One Map.

She showed me how to create individual tables and then get their ID numbers for use on one map. These can be passed through a javascript call, or if you are not comfortable with javascript, use the Google Fusion TablesLayer Wizard. And voila!

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