Internship Project at IU’s Digital Library Program



This journal will follow my progress at the DLP as a mapping intern exploring ways to map place names from the Indiana Magazine of History, one of the oldest historical magazines in the United States.

The IMH has been encoded with TEI, however earlier issues do not always use the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN). Instead some were encoded using MARC codes, but they may not always be correct. Mapping may allow the DLP to find these incorrect encodings more quickly. Later years of IMH are encoded using TGN, and, like Maps of American Fiction, I envision one way of visualizing the use of place names will be to map them across time to see if trends emerge.

MAF uses the Wright American Fiction Project here at IU to look at the use of place names in 1851, 1852, and 1874. As might be expected, westward expansion is present on the map, as is a coalescence in the Southern US. The interjection of the Civil War between these dates would lead one to expect that the pre-1874 maps would not have the same focus on the South, yet this isn’t the case. Wilkens makes it clear that this data is dirty, but I hope to see both expected nodes of importance when mapping the IMH and unexpected outcroppings.